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No to Ranked Choice Voting! Keep Voting Simple!

"Ranked Choice Voting", also known as "Instant Runoff Voting" is a failed experiment.  It has been repealed in many Cities and States.

Several Billionaires have started funding "Dark Money" efforts to get RCV adopted in Cities and States.  We need to stop Billionaires from buying these elections.

Minorities were discriminated against and disenfranchised for decades until hard fought reforms were instituted to protect their right to vote in our democracy.

Now is not the time to "turn back the clock' and change the voting system to Ranked Choice voting, a system which has proven to disenfranchise minority voters.


We are asking all voters who believe in

"One Person, One Vote" to vote NO to RCV!

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What is Rank Choice Voting
or Instant Runoff Voting?

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) also known as Instant-runoff voting (IRV) is an experimental voting method to be used in District elections. Instead of voting for the candidate they want to win, voters in IRV elections rank the candidates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc. in order of preference. Watch this video (on right) to show how a 3rd place candidate can win the election using IRV.

Please view this video to see how it works:

Why should you vote NO to RCV?

  • Ranked Choice Voting (aka Instant Runoff Voting) is a Failed ExperimentA decade ago, RCV/IRV was the new "cool" thing for cities to try, promoted by a group in Washington DC. In the past 10 years, cities around the country have had "Buyers Remorse" and quickly REPEALED RCV/IRV after finding it was confusing for voters and very expensive. There were huge increases in spoiled ballots, disenfranchised voters, and a drop in voter turnout, particularly in the minority communities.


  • Depending upon how you vote, your vote can be moved from one candidate to another – Instead  of your vote counting for who you want to win, your vote might go to another candidate.


  • RCV/IRV is a solution looking for a problem – Voters trust the system we have now.  Our current voting system is easy and understandable.  Our right to vote is hard fought and precious. We should not experiment with our democracy.

What should you

know about RCV/IRV.

RCV/IRV can make the loser a winner. Check out this video on the left!

The mathematical algorithm shifts votes from one candidate to another, which can change who wins the election.

It can happen easily as shown in the video.

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RCV/IRV is a Modern-Day Literacy Test

Literacy tests were given to Blacks in the South to suppress their votes and voices.  Discover how Instant Runoff Voting does the same thing by going to our VOTER SUPPRESSION & SPOILED BALLOT pages.

1964 Literacy Test Blacks had to take to vote

2013 Instant Runoff Voting Ballot

1964 Literacy Test Blacks had to take to vote

2013 Instant Runoff Voting Ballot

Screenshot 2018-09-24 11.36.17.png
Minneapolis Spoiled Ballot Ward 5 vs War

RCV/IRV Group broke State Law and Fined $5,000 for claiming

Pres. Obama endorsement

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