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Burlington, VT - Repeal:

Burlington used Instant Runoff Voting twice to elect it's Mayor.  The second time it was used, analysis of the election showed the most popular candidate did not win.  The University of Vermont produced research that showed voter confusion and perverse outcomes.  Community leaders in Burlington put a REPEAL IRV on the ballot.  A small group, funded by outside interests and dark money, fought to keep it.  IRV was repealed by an overwhelming margin.

"One person, one vote" Press Conference:
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Listen why they want to Repeal IRV

This video shows the research from University of Vermont

University of Vermont Research:

IRV in Burlington: - Research shows just 26% completed their ranked ballots.

IRV in Burlington, An Assessment Prepared by Anthony Gierzynski, PhD, :  
"IRV may actually end up encouraging the very problem it is designed to fix."

Videos of the IRV Debates:

Channel 17 IRV Debate - IRV Spokeswoman can't explain IRV.

Channel 17 IRV Debate - Rep. Larson gets his facts wrong on every aspect of Instant Runoff Voting in Burlington, VT - Many cities have repealed IRV

Channel 17 IRV Debate - Bianca Slota of XCAX challenges IRV support on the studies showing voter disenfranchisement with IRV. Supporter denies.

Channel 17 IRV Debate - Rep. Larson gets his facts wrong on every aspect of Instant Runoff Voting in Burlington, VT - Many cities have repealed IRV

Articles about Repeal IRV Campaign:

Burlington Resident Seek Reperal of Instant Runoff Voting:  
"I was an early supporter of IRV," said Democrat John Ewing. "But I've been disappointed in the way it has worked. I think it has proven itself to be a disservice to the voters. I think it's extremely convoluted and that voters don't understand how it works."

Burlington - Keep Voting SImple 2.jpg

Burlington IRV Draws outside money:  
"The group fighting to retain instant-runoff voting for mayor in Burlington, 50 Percent Matters, is funded largely by non-Burlington groups." - "Helen Hossley, the paid campaign manager for the group, said initially that Fairvote had not made a contribution."

Campaign Reports show outside Dark Money : - PRO-IRV Campaign raised outside money and outspent Repeal Committee which had all local donations. 

Comment & Debate: Repeal IRV, restore trust: - Repealing a confusing voting system in favor of a time tested, mainstream and reliable system is not about politics. It's about having an informed public that understands and trusts their government and the election system. 

Burlington - send money back.jpg
Burlington Keep voting Simple 3.jpg

Repeal the I-R-V Mistake: - WPTZ Editorial - Burlington has a chance to correct a bad mistake on Election Day. Voters can get rid of the city’s ridiculous, confusing, badly conceived and troubling Instant Runoff System.  

Vermonters should consign IRV to the ash heap of electoral history: - Burlington voters ended their experiment with instant runoff voting 

Instant run-off voting experiment ends in Burlington: - Vermont's largest city saw its brief experiment with instant runoff voting end Monday with a stroke of Gov. James Douglas' pen, a move that supporters of the alternative election system concede is a setback for the movement. .  

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