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San Francisco's Experience:

Channel 5 - "The most confusing election ever." - "controversial" - "low turnout" - "Failed Experiement"

Channel 7 -  IRV "generated quite a bit of contrivers and confusion" - "So many people don't understand how it works" - "low turnout" - "Charter Amendment to Repeal"

Channel 5 -  "Confusion could keep voter turnout low" - ""State monitor on hand to observe complaints of voter fraud" - "Charter amendment to end IRV" - "Mayor facing a recall"

SF Supervisors Repeal IRV Meeting -  "Your votes were tossed in the garbage"

Third place WINS!

In SF's D10 18,308 voters cast  ballots.  
Malia Cohen was in third place.  After 20 recounts, and over 52% of the votes tossed away (9,303), she "won" with 4,321 votes or about 24% support.  76% of the voters voted against her.

SF Supervisors Repeal IRV Meeting -  "We had minorities turnout, but their votes were tossed out" - "what’s worse when you have a voter that doesn’t show up, or a voter that actually shows up, goes to the trouble of educating themselves, voting, then because RCV (IRV) is difficult for some people to understand, they’ve gone to that effort, and their votes not counted, it’s tossed out"

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News Articles

On the perils of 'instant runoff" voting - A blindfold and a dartboard"Shows Positive Views" - "57% of Blacks found (IRV) to be easy to use compared to 35% who found (IRV) to be difficult vs. 71% Whites to be easy compared to 13% who found it difficult."

Academic Studies

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