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North Carolina IRV election - Court of Appeals

In 2010, North Carolina used Instant Runoff Voting for a seat of the Court of Appeals.  There were many problems with IRV, from taking 7 weeks to get the results to counting errors and hundreds of thousands of ballots thrown out.

In 2013, the State Legislature repealed IRV.  Here's a few of the News Headlines after the IRV election:

  • The Odd IRV numbers

  • State should rethink instant runoff voting

  • It's over... probably

  • "Instant Runoff Voting" loses its appeal when put to the test

  • Weak defense of IRV

  • Instant runoff voting runs into issues - that was one ugly way to elect a judge.

  • Editorial: Instant runoff failure

  • McCullough leads in Court of Appeals Race, turnaround due to counting error

  • Instant Runoff fiasco

  • Who will be more confused, voters or election officials?

Hundreds of thousands of ballots thrown out.
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Screenshot 2018-09-24 16.09.19.png
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State should rethink instant runoff voting: - "IRV is confusing, not transparent, disenfranchises voter groups and can produce unintended outcomes. Isn't it time, we went back to “one man, one vote?”

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